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Running AWSIM with scenario_simulator_v2 is still a prototype, so stable running is not guaranteed.

Below you can find instructions on how to setup the OpenSCENARIO execution using scenario_simulator_v2 with AWSIM as a simulator The instruction assumes using the Ubuntu OS.


Follow Setup Unity Project tutorial

Build Autoware with scenario_simulator_v2

In order to configure the Autoware software with the AWSIM demo, please:

  1. Clone RobotecAI's Autoware and move to the directory.
    git clone
    cd autoware
  2. Check out to the awsim-ss2-stable branch
    git checkout awsim-ss2-stable
  3. Configure the environment. (Skip if Autoware environment has been configured before)
  4. Create the src directory and clone external dependent repositories into it.
    mkdir src
    vcs import src < autoware.repos
    vcs import src < simulator.repos
  5. Download

  6. Unzip it to src/simulator directory

    unzip <Download directory>/ -d src/simulator

  7. Install dependent ROS packages.
    source /opt/ros/humble/setup.bash
    rosdep update
    rosdep install -y --from-paths src --ignore-src --rosdistro $ROS_DISTRO
  8. Build the workspace.
    colcon build --symlink-install --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-w"

Running the demo

  1. Download & Run

  2. Launch scenario_test_runner.

    source install/setup.bash
    ros2 launch scenario_test_runner                        \
    architecture_type:=awf/universe  record:=false                                         \
    scenario:='$(find-pkg-share scenario_test_runner)/scenario/sample_awsim.yaml'          \
    sensor_model:=awsim_sensor_kit  vehicle_model:=sample_vehicle                          \
    launch_simple_sensor_simulator:=false autoware_launch_file:="e2e_simulator.launch.xml" \
    initialize_duration:=260 port:=8080


In case of problems, make sure that the regular demo work well with the Autoware built above. Follow the troubleshooting page there if necessary.