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The FollowCamera component is designed to track a specified target object within the scene. It is attached to the main camera and maintains a defined distance and height from the target. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of custom rotation around the target as an optional feature.

Elements configurable from the editor level


Required member
  • Target - the transform component of the tracked object
Base Setttings
  • Distance - base distance between the camera and the target object
  • Offset - lateral offset of the camera position
  • Height - base height of the camera above the target object
  • HeightMultiplier - camera height multiplier
Optional Movement Setttings
  • RotateAroundModeToggle - toggle key between rotate around mode and default follow mode
  • RotateAroundSensitivity - mouse movement sensitivity for camera rotation around the target
  • HeightAdjustmentSensitivity - mouse movement sensitivity for camera height adjustment
  • ZoomSensitivity - mouse scroll wheel sensitivity for camera zoom
  • InvertHorzAxis - invert horizontal mouse movement
  • InvertVertAxis - invert vertical mouse movement
  • InvertScrollWheel - invert mouse scroll wheel
  • MaxHeight - maximum value of camera height
  • MinDistance - minimum value of camera distance to target object
  • MaxDistance - maximum value of camera distance to target object

Rotate Around Mode

Camera rotation around the target can be activated by pressing the RotateAroundModeToggle key (default 'C' key). In this mode, the user can manually adjust the camera view at run-time using the mouse. To deactivate the Rotate Around mode, press the RotateAroundModeToggle key once more.

In the Rotate Around Mode camera view can be controlled as follows:

  • hold left shift + mouse movement: to adjust the camera position,
  • hold left shift + mouse scroll wheel: to zoom in or out of the camera view,
  • left shift + left arrow: to set left camera view,
  • left shift + right arrow: to set right camera view,
  • left shift + up arrow: to set front camera view,
  • left shift + down arrow: to set back camera view.


An optional prefab featuring a UI panel, located at Assets/Prefabs/UI/MainCameraView.prefab, can be used to showcase a user guide. To integrate this prefab into the scene, drag and drop it beneath the Canvas object. This prefab displays instructions on how to adjust the camera view whenever the Rotate Around Mode is activated.