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V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)

V2I is a component that simulates V2I communication protocol which allows to exchange data between vehicles and road infrastructure. In the current version of AWSIM, the V2I component publishes information about traffic lights.

How to add V2I to the environment

Assign Lanelet2 WayID and RelationID to TrafficLight object

  1. Load items from lanelet2 following the instruction

  2. Verify if Traffic Light Lanelet ID component has been added to Traffic Light game objects. verify traffic light lanelet id

  3. Verify if WayID and RelationID has been correctly assigned. You can use Vector Map Builder as presented below verify lanelet ids

Add manually Traffic Light Lanelet ID component (alternatively)

If for some reason, Traffic Light Lanelet ID component is not added to Traffic Light object.

  1. Add component manually

    add component 1

  2. Fill Way ID

    add component 2

  3. Fill Relation ID

    add component 3

Add V2I prefab

add prefab

Select EGO transform

select ego transform 1 select ego transform 2 select ego transform 3


Name Type Description
Output Hz int Topic publication frequency
Ego Vehicle Transform transform Ego Vehicle object transform
Ego Distance To Traffic Signals double Maximum distance between Traffic Light and Ego
Traffic Signal ID enum Possibility to select if as traffic_signal_id field in msg is Relation ID or Way ID
Traffic Signals Topic string Topic name


V2I feature can be used as Traffic Light ground truth information, and for that usage Way ID is supposed to be selected.