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Random Traffic Simulator

The RandomTrafficSimulator simulates city traffic with respect to all traffic rules. The system allows for random selection of car models and the paths they follow. It also allows adding static vehicles in the simulation.


Getting Started


The random traffic system consists of the following components:

  • RandomTrafficSimulator: manages lifecycle of NPCs and simulates NPC behaviours.
  • TrafficLane, TrafficIntersection and StopLine: represent traffic entities
  • NPCVehicle: vehicle models (NPCs) controlled by RandomTrafficSimulator

Components Settings

The following section describes Unity Editor components settings.

Random Traffic Simulator


Parameter Description
General Settings
Seed Seed value for random generator
Ego Vehicle Transform of ego vehicle
Vehicle Layer Mask LayerMask that masks only vehicle(NPC and ego) colliders
Ground Layer Mask LayerMask that masks only ground colliders of the map
NPC Vehicle Settings
Max Vehicle Count Maximum number of NPC vehicles to be spawned in simulation
NPC Prefabs Prefabs representing controlled vehicles.
They must have NPCVehicle component attached.
Spawnable Lanes TrafficLane components where NPC vehicles can be spawned during traffic simulation
Vehicle Config Parameters for NPC vehicle control
Sudden Deceleration is a deceleration related to emergency braking
Show Gizmos Enable the checkbox to show editor gizmos that visualize behaviours of NPCs


Gizmos are useful for checking current behavior of NPCs and its causes. Gizmos have a high computational load so please disable them if the simulation is laggy. gizmos