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This document uses Material for MkDocs.

Local hosting

1 Install Material for MkDocs.

$ pip install mkdocs-material
2 Hosting on localhost.
$ cd AWSIM
$ mkdocs serve
INFO     -  Building documentation...
INFO     -  Cleaning site directory
INFO     -  Documentation built in 0.16 seconds
INFO     -  [03:13:22] Watching paths for changes: 'docs', 'mkdocs.yml'
INFO     -  [03:13:22] Serving on

3 Access with a web browser.

For further reference see Material for MkDocs - Getting started.

MkDocs files

Use the following /docs directory and mkdocs.yml for new documentation files.

├─ docs/                // markdown and image file for each document.
└─ mkdocs.yml           // mkdocs config.
Create one directory per document. For example, the directory structure of this "Documentation" page might look like this.
└─ docs/                            // Root of all documents
    └─ DeveloperGuide               // Category
        └─ Documentation            // Root of each document
            ├─             // Markdown file
            └─ image_0.png          // Images used in markdown file

Deploy & Hosting

When docs are pushed to the main branch, they are deployed to GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions. See also Material for MkDocs - Publishing your site