4. TIER IV Cameras Getting Started Guide for Vecow EAC-5000#


This document is for the users of Vecow EAC-5000

4.1. Preparation#

4.1.1. Required items#

4.1.2. Camera connection#

  1. Firstly, make sure that the EAC-5000 is turned off.

  2. Connect cameras to EAC-5000 using the FAKRA cables.

4.2. Power on and log in#

4.2.1. Power on#

Power on the EAC-5000 and confirm that the power-on LED is turned on blue.

4.2.2. Login#

On the startup window, type the password to log in.

Default settings are shown below.





4.3. Camera driver installation#


Installation process is different from the other ECUs

Currently, EAC-5000 has issues with building and loading the out-of-tree modules.

We provide the pre-built drivers and the installation script to avoid dealing with the complicated kernel stuff.

Please download the pre-build driver from our GitHub release page

  1. Extract the tarball and run ./install.sh to install the camera drivers.

    tar -xzvf tier4-drivers-for-eac-5000.tar.gz
    cd tier4-drivers-for-eac-5000/
  2. The installation script does the following steps for you:

    • Install the camera drivers’ configuration files

    • Install the pre-built camera drivers

    • Install the pre-built device-tree blob

    • Create a new boot entry in the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf

  3. After running the installation script, you can run /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/configure-by-hardware.py. The following prompt should appear.

    [*] Now you can run config-by-hardware.py
  4. Select the GMSL port assignment by using configure-by-hardware.py. For the details, please refer to GitHub README.

    sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/config-by-hardware.py -l

    This command will output the following:

    Header 1 [default]: Jetson 40pin Header
    Available hardware modules:
    1. Adafruit SPH0645LM4H
    2. Adafruit UDA1334A
    3. FE-PI Audio V1 and Z V2
    4. ReSpeaker 4 Mic Array
    5. ReSpeaker 4 Mic Linear Array
    Header 2: Jetson AGX CSI Connector
    Available hardware modules:
    1. Jetson Camera Dual-IMX274
    2. Jetson Camera E3331 module
    3. Jetson Camera E3333 module
    4. Jetson Camera Hawk-Owl p3762 module
    5. Jetson Camera IMX185
    6. Jetson Camera IMX390
    7. Jetson Camera e3653-dual-Hawk module
    8. TIERIV IMX490 GMSL2 Camera Device Tree Overlay
    9. TIERIV ISX021 GMSL2 Camera Device Tree Overlay
    10. TIERIV ISX021 IMX490 GMSL2 Camera Device Tree Overlay
    Header 3: Jetson M.2 Key E Slot
    No hardware configurations found!

    Then please select the GMSL port assignment.

    sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/config-by-hardware.py -n 2='TIERIV ISX021 GMSL2 Camera Device Tree Overlay'

    The command above assigns the C1 camera for all GMSL ports. Please modify after 2= according to your preference.

  5. Reboot

    sudo reboot now
  6. Make sure that the camera device file (/dev/video*) is created

    ls -al /dev/video*

You need to make sure extlinux.conf is well-formed and valid after the installation script is finished. This step may require your manual editing.

4.4. Visualize the camera output using GStreamer#

The procedure to output the image using Gstreamer is identical to the other ECUs. Please refer to the manual.

Please also refer to the GStreamer command examples.

4.5. Restrictions#


EAC-5000 does not supports Camera trigger (FSYNC) function as a default configuration. TIER IV camera’s frame synchronization function is not supported with combination with EAC-5000.