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How to write workflow file#

The workflow file defines how to execute scenarios and its expected results.

Supported parameters#

name type required description default example
path string yes Path to the .xosc (OpenSCENARIO .xml file.) file or T4V2 .yaml file. example
step_time_ms int yes step_time_ms describes the step time of the simulation in milliseconds. 2 example

Examples of writing parameters#


You can solve relative path from the "share" directories in your ROS 2 packages.

path: $(find-pkg-share PACKAGE_NAME)/test/scenario/simple.xosc
Or, you can solve absolute path like this way.
path: /tmp/simple.xosc


  - {
      path: $(find-pkg-share scenario_test_runner)/test/scenario/simple.xosc
  - {
      path: $(find-pkg-share scenario_test_runner)/test/scenario/minimal.yaml
  - {
      path: $(find-pkg-share scenario_test_runner)/test/scenario/success.yaml,
      step_time_ms: 2