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Scenario Format Conversion#

TIER IV Format V2 -> OpenSCENARIO Format#

To convert OpenSCENARIO, use these arguments

Input Required Description
input yes TIER IV format version2 yaml files in a specified directory, reference directory is relative to the current directory.
output no TIER IV parameter distributed OpenSCENARIO .xosc files are generated in a specified directory. Default is under the current directory converted_xosc.

You can execute scenario conversion by using ros2 command

ros2 run openscenario_utility --input /path/to/scenario.yaml --output /path/to/output/directory

Scenario Modifiers#

ScenarioModifiers and OpenSCENARIO are defined as below.

    - name: <string>
      list: [<any>, <any> ..., <any>]
    - name: <string>
      start: <float or int>
      step: <float or int>
      stop: <float or int>
  FileHeader: <string>
    revMajor: <string or int>
    revMinor: <string or int>
    date: <string or int>
    description: <string>
    author: <string>
name expresses a variable: It is not case-sensitive, but its attributes must be the lower snake case, and it is converted to a variable in its list during parameter distribution. You can find more details in the test folder.

start, step, stop express theirs variable ranges: Initial parameter distribution is from start to end while increasing a value.

Parameter Distribution Example#

ex) start: 10 stop: 20 if step is 1 then distributed parameter is 10 if step is 2 distributed parameter is 10 , 20 if step is 3 distributed parameter is 10 , 15, 20

attention or int - if step is one, only parameter of start is used - if step is zero, it returns error - the number of simulation is factorial to number of steps