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Quick Start#

Scenario simulator with Autoware Universe
This document contains step-by-step instruction on how to build and run AWF Autoware Core/Universe with scenario_simulator_v2.


  1. Ubuntu 22.04 machine
  2. ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill desktop version installed

How to build#

  1. Clone the Autoware Core/Universe repository:
    git clone
  2. Navigate to the source directory:
    cd autoware 
    mkdir src 
  3. Import Autoware and Simulator dependencies:
    vcs import src < autoware.repos  
    vcs import src < simulator.repos
  4. Install dependencies for Autoware Core/Universe


  5. Install dependent ROS packages.

    source /opt/ros/humble/setup.bash
    rosdep install -iry --from-paths src --rosdistro $ROS_DISTRO

  6. Build the workspace.
    colcon build --symlink-install --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

How to run#


  1. Move to project directory, where the project is build.
    cd path/to/workspace
  2. Source the workspace setup script
    source install/setup.bash

Run the examples#


ros2 launch scenario_test_runner \
architecture_type:=awf/universe \
record:=false \
scenario:='$(find-pkg-share scenario_test_runner)/scenario/sample.yaml' \
sensor_model:=sample_sensor_kit \


ros2 launch random_test_runner \
architecture_type:=awf/universe \
sensor_model:=sample_sensor_kit \

To modify parameters of random testing, please check documentation of random_test_runner

cpp scenario demo#

This demo does not use Autoware. the ego vehicle is interpreted as an NPC.

ros2 launch cpp_mock_scenarios \
scenario:=traffic_simulation_demo \
launch_rviz:=true timeout:=60.0

Cpp Scenario Demo