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Release Notes#


This release note does not record any update differences since version 1.0.0. If you would like to check for update differences since version 1.0.0, please refer to this page.

Difference between the latest release and master#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Extend matching length. Enable consider tread when calculating matching length of EgoEntity. traffic_simulator #1181 hakuturu583

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Revert #1096 Revert incomplete fix for de-spawned entity. traffic_simulator #1159 HansRobo
Fix problems in route planning Fixed a bug in a function related to Entity's route selection. traffic_simulator #1126 hakuturu583

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor

Version 0.9.0#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Traffic Light Simulation Start supporting to traffic light messages in autoware_perception_msgs. openscenario_interpreter, traffic_simulator, simple_sensor_simulator #1027 HansRobo
Detailed control of permissions for autonomous decisions Add featureIdentifiersRequiringExternalPermissionForAutonomousDecisions property for ObjectController. scenario_simulator_v2 controls auto_mode of Autoware planning modules by settings in the property. openscenario_interpreter, concealer #1092 HansRobo
OpenSCENARIO Controller.Properties.Property Support the property allowGoalModification to turn on the Autoware feature allow_goal_modification. openscenario_interpreter, concealer #997 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 UserDefinedAction.CustomCommandAction Add PseudoTrafficSignalDetectorConfidenceSetAction@v1, a CustomCommandAction to control confidences in traffic light topic. openscenario_interpreter, traffic_simulator #1111 HansRobo
Ego Vehicle Simulation Update ego vehicle models ( Import simple_planning_simulator changes except autowarefoundation/autoware.universe#4941 ) simple_sensor_simulator #1144 HansRobo
Add API::getLaneletLength() and API::getMapPoseFromRelativePose() Add API::getLaneletLength()to get a length of target lanelet, and API::getMapPoseFromRelativePose() to transform relative pose to map pose. traffic_simulator #1145 hakuturu583
Start supporting ego entity in C++ scenario Enable spawn ego entity in C++ scenarios in cpp_mock_scenarios package. cpp_mock_scenarios #1145 hakuturu583
Visualize context in rviz display Enable visualize openscenario_interpreter_msgs/msg/Context messages in rviz display openscenario_visualization #1033 kyoichi-sugahara

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Deleted entity management Fix crash caused by DeleteEntityAction by handling deleted entity explicitly. traffic_simulator #1096 f0reachARR
OpenSCENARIO RelativeDistanceCondition Restore the behavior of the existing distance measurement mode of RelativeDistanceCondition that was changed in #1095. openscenario_interpreter #1121 yamacir-kit
Suppression of duplicate node names Fix an issue where nodes with the same name were being created. (especially with temporary nodes for UserDefinedAction.CustomCommandAction) scenario_test_runner, openscenario_interpreter #1126 lchojnack
Fix bugs in geometry library. Fix some problems about geometry calculation. It includes breaking changes. Please also read pull request geometry #1126 TauTheLepton

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Additional V2I traffic light publisher Add V2I traffic light publisher to cover the default value of AWF Autoware's external traffic lights topic. traffic_simulator #1149 piotr-zyskowski-rai

Version 0.8.0#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Ground truth topic for perception detected objects Add ground truth topic for detected objects in simple_sensor_simulator. The delay of the topic can be set by detectedObjectGroundTruthPublishingDelay in scenario. simple_sensor_simulator, openscenario_interpreter #1024 HansRobo

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 UserDefinedAction.CustomCommandAction Add history filter to avoid send same RTC commands in RequestToCooperateCommandAction@v1. concealer #1106 HansRobo

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor

Version 0.7.0#


In version 0.8.x, we will drop ROS 2 Galactic Geochelone support. We recommend to use version 0.7.0 for Galactic Geochelone user.

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 UserDefinedAction.CustomCommandAction Added FaultInjectionAction@v2, a CustomCommandAction for raising a fault injection event with specified error level. openscenario_interpreter #1002 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 UserDefinedAction.CustomCommandAction Added V2ITrafficSignalStateAction, an implementation of TrafficSignalState for V2I traffic signals. openscenario_interpreter, traffic_simulator #1004 HansRobo
do noting behavior plugin Add do nothing behavior for driving the simulator from Autoware rosbag data. do_nothing_plugin,traffic_simulator #1001 hakuturu583
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 UserDefinedAction.CustomCommandAction Added RequestToCooperateCommandAction@v1, a CustomCommandAction to simulate an operation by humans or external applications for a request to cooperate. openscenario_interpreter, concealer #1013 HansRobo
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 FollowTrajectoryAction Support FollowTrajectoryAction only for vehicle entities directly controlled by the simulator. openscenario_interpreter, traffic_simulator #906 yamacir-kit

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor

Version 0.6.8#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Jerk simulation and planning Start supporting jerk simulation and enable limit jerk while effecting API::requestSpeedChange function. traffic_simulator #909 hakuturu583
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 SpeedProfileAction OpenSCENARIO 1.2 SpeedProfileAction is now officially supported. openscenario_interpreter #928 yamacir-kit
Randomization of the positions of detected objects By setting detectedObjectPositionStandardDeviation to Controller.Properties.Property, it is now possible to add noise to the position of other entities that Autoware recognizes. openscenario_interpreter #937 yamacir-kit
traffic_simulator's API getLateralDistance Enable getting lateral distance via API class. traffic_simulator #945 hakuturu583
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 DistanceCondition and RelativeDistanceCondition DistanceCondition and RelativeDistanceCondition now support distance measurement on the lateral axis of the lane coordinate system. openscenario_interpreter #962 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 Controller.Properties.Property By setting detectedObjectMissingProbability to Controller.Properties.Property, it is now possible to lost object recognition data with a specified probability. openscenario_interpreter #973 yamacir-kit
UserDefinedValueCondition RelativeHeadingCondition Added one-argument version to RelativeHeadingCondition. This version of RelativeHeadingCondition returns the lane coordinate system heading of the entity with the name given in the first argument. openscenario_interpreter #978 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 Controller.Properties.Property Added support for delaying the publication of object detection data by setting the value detectedObjectPublishingDelay (in seconds) to Controller.Properties.Property. openscenario_interpreter #986 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 EnvironmentAction The parsing of EnvironmentAction is now supported openscenario_interpreter #980 f0reachARR

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Behavior "stop" Update NPC behavior and avoid overrun. traffic_simulator, behavior_tree_plugin #946 hakuturu583
vehicle_model Import bug fixes from simple_planning_simulator in Autoware.Universe for vehicle_model. traffic_simulator #936 HansRobo
Next/previous lanelet Enable get next/previous lanelet with road_shoulder subtype. traffic_simulator #963 hakuturu583

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
topic_status_checker Delete topic_status_checker package. common #921 HansRobo
Health check Supported a function to monitor whether the running simulator has become unresponsive. common #932 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO UserDefinedValueCondition Remove the message type package openscenario_msgs and moved its contents to an external repository tier4_autoware_msgs. openscenario_interpreter #874 yamacir-kit
Legacy parameter distribution Fix openscenario_utility.convert to not to generate too long filename. openscenario_utility #972 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO UserDefinedValueCondition Support ADAPI interface for minimum-risk-maneuver state with backward compatibility for legacy emergency state openscenario_interpreter, concealer #975 HansRobo
Port management Change communication between traffic_simulator and simple_sensor_simulator from multi-port to single-port. simulation_interface #981 dmoszynski
OpenSCENARIO model3d in entity object Add model3d attribute parsing in entity objects. openscenario_interpreter #977 f0reachARR

Version 0.6.7#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Engagement Changed time management to send engage as soon as autoware state transitions to WAITING_FOR_ENGAGE and start simulation as soon as it transitions to DRIVING. traffic_simulator, concealer, openscenario_interpreter #823 hakuturu583, yamacir-kit
Publication of Acceleration Updated concealer to publish acceleration information for Autoware. concealer #875 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 SpeedProfileAction Added experimental support for some features of SpeedProfileAction. openscenario_interpreter #898 yamacir-kit
requestSpeedChange with time constraint Start supporting API::requestSpeedChange function with time constraint. this feature only supports continuous = false. traffic_simulator #901 hakuturu583
OpenSCENARIO 1.2 DynamicConstraints Added message type DynamicConstraints corresponding to OpenSCENARIO 1.2 DynamicConstraints to traffic_simulator_msg. traffic_simulator #900 yamacir-kit

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Interpreter state transition Fixed a problem with error handling and state transition when an error occurred in the activation phase of simulation. openscenario_interpreter #881 yamacir-kit
Bounding box position Fixed bounding box shifting on Rviz simple_sensor_simulator #888 shouth

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
lanelet2_extension_psim Remove external/lanelet2_extension_psim and add dependency to lanelet2_extension in autoware_common. external #863 HansRobo
OccupancyGridSensor Improve performance of occupancy grid generation by changing internal data structure. simple_sensor_simulator #866 shouth
traffic_simulator's API spawn Changed the spawn API to require the initial coordinates of the entity. traffic_simulator #896 yamacir-kit
traffic_simulator's distance calculation Update the traffic_simulator distance measurement API to remove the default range limit of 100m maximum. traffic_simulator #908 yamacir-kit
topic_status_checker Add topic_status_checker package to check node state from outside via topic status common #912 HansRobo

Version 0.6.6#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
API::getRelativePose() argument for function Add API::getRelativePose() argument for getting relative distance between lanelet pose and entity. traffic_simulator #809 hakuturu583
RTC (Request to Cooperate) Experimental support for automatic approval of requests to cooperate from Autoware.Universe. concealer #818 yamacir-kit
Experimental UserDefinedValueCondition RelativeHeadingCondition Update UserDefinedValueCondition to support new experimental condition RelativeHeadingCondition. openscenario_interpreter #830 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO ValueConstraint, ValueConstraintGroup Add support for ValueConstraint and ValueConstraintGroup. openscenario_interpreter #847 HansRobo
API::getTraveledDistance() Add API::getTraveledDistance() to obtain how far an entity traveled, and remove TraveledDistanceMetric. traffic_simulator #858 hakuturu583, shouth
Ego lane matching logic improvement Retry matching to lanelet without using route information from Autoware. traffic_simulator #864 hakuturu583

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Change the stop position of the vehicle entity. Change the stop position of the vehicle entity at the stop line and traffic light. traffic_simulator #822 hakuturu583
Fix trajectory point. Fix trajectory point at the end of the trajectory. traffic_simulator #836 hakuturu583
Fix problems in getting right of way lane. Remove self lanelet id from right of way lanelet id. traffic_simulator #834 hakuturu583
RTC (Request to Cooperate) Changed to execute the service call in an independent thread to fix the problem that the main thread is stopped for about 1 second due to the query to the RTC service. concealer #841 yamacir-kit

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
OpenSCENARIO simulator core Changed to treat traffic_simulator as "Simulator Core" based on OpenSCENARIO standard Basic architecture components. openscenario_interpreter #783 yamacir-kit
Option --record Exclude a too large topic /planning/scenario_planning/lane_driving/behavior_planning/behavior_velocity_planner/debug/intersection from bag recording. openscenario_interpreter #829 yamacir-kit
Move to github docker registry Move from dockerhub to github docker registry. docker #843, #844 hakuturu583, kenji-miyake
Update lanelet2_extension Copy lanelet2_extension of Autoware.Universe 0.3.7 as lanelet2_extension_psim. lanelet2_extension #850 yamacir-kit
Remove trivial metrics Remove StandstillMetric and CollisionMetric. traffic_simulator #854 shouth

Version 0.6.5#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
OpenSCENARIO UserDefinedValueCondition Add condition to determine the state of the turn indicators. (unique to Autoware.Universe) openscenario_interpreter #777 HansRobo
OpenSCENARIO UserDefinedValueCondition Add condition to determine the emergency state of the Autoware.Universe. openscenario_interpreter #760 HansRobo
OpenSCENARIO Storyboard The state transition of StoryboardElement no longer consumes simulation time. openscenario_interpreter #758 yamacir-kit
EgoEntity's Simulation model Fixed EgoEntity's simulation model to properly set gear information. traffic_simulator #792 yamacir-kit
OpenSCENARIO Event Allows the omission of Event.StartTrigger. if it is omitted, interpreter uses one which always returns True. openscenario_interpreter #774 HansRobo
Add OccupancyGridSensor Add OccupancyGridSensor for publishing nav_msgs/msg/OccupancyGrid to the Autoware. simple_sensor_simulator #795 hakuturu583
Add API::getDistanceToLaneBound() function Add API::getDistanceToLaneBound() function for getting distance from entity polygon to lane boundary. traffic_simulator #795 hakuturu583
Support Humble distribution Support new ROS 2 LTS distribution, Humble Hawksbill. #792 wep21

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Fix termination processing Properly terminate the interpreter when the Autoware process exits abnormally openscenario_interpreter #750 kyabe2718
Fix collision2D function in HermiteCurve Previous algorithm was failed to check collision when the line is almost parallel to the x and y axis traffic_simulator #795 hakuturu583

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Accessor to the class Autoware A new member function asAutoware has been added to access the class Autoware, and instead the member functions specific to EgoEntity have been removed from EntityBase. traffic_simulator #796 yamacir-kit
Autoware API Changed the engagement service to Autoware from /api/autoware/set/engage to /api/external/set/engage. concealer #804 yn-mrse and yamacir-kit

Version 0.6.4#

Major Changes 🏎️ 🚗 🚙

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
Entity label publisher Enable specify and publish NPC semantic information such as MOTORCYCLE, TRUCK, BUS. traffic_simulator #726 hakuturu583
ROS 2 Launch XML-like substitution syntax Add new substitution syntax $(ros2 <argument>...). openscenario_interpreter #727 yamacir-kit
Filter by range option Add filter by range option for detection sensor. If false, simulate detection result by lidar detection. If true, simulate detection result by range. traffic_simulator #729 hakuturu583
Optimization of the trajectory calculation Hermite curve optimization, entities' trajectories calculated only when route changes traffic_simulator, behavior_tree_plugin #708 danielm1405
OpenSCENARIO Controller.Properties.Property Support new controller property isClairvoyant. openscenario_interpreter #735 yamacir-kit
Lane matching improvement for EgoEntity Subscribe route information from Autoware (topic : /planning/scenario_planning/lane_driving/behavior_planning/path_with_lane_id) and try matching to on route lanelet. traffic_simulator #733 hakuturu583
ZMQ client can connect through the network Add "simulator_host" argument to define the address of the simulator host that ZMQ tries to connect to simulation_interface, traffic_simulator, random_test_runner #690 danielm1405
Traffic signals Support for multiple simultaneous lights at traffic signals and addition of color information to arrow signals. openscenario_interpreter, traffic_simulator #740 yamacir-kit
Reset acceleration after speed was changed reset acceleration and deceleration only while speed change was enabled. traffic_simulator #752 hakuturu583
Traffic signals Thereafter, a Lanelet ID that can be interpreted as either a relation ID or a way ID is treated as a relation ID. traffic_simulator #759 yamacir-kit
Optimization of the trajectory calculation Calculate a segment of trajectory spline instead of recalculating it from scratch traffic_simulator, behavior_tree_plugin #710 danielm1405

Bug Fixes🐛

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
OpenSCENARIO Storyboard.Init.Actions Fix Init.Actions.GlobalAction and Init.Actions.UserDefinedAction to work. openscenario_interpreter #734 yamacir-kit
Fix waypoint height Height of the NPC waypoint was 0. Get waypoint height from center point of lanelet. traffic_simulator #718 hakuturu583
Fix calculateStopDistance function While calculating stop distance, deceleration was always 5. behavior_tree_plugin #747 hakuturu583

Minor Tweaks 🚔

Feature Brief summary Category Pull request Contributor
OpenSCENARIO Storyboard Update interpreter's main loop to not to stop even if Storyboard was completed. openscenario_interpreter #720 yamacir-kit

Version 0.6.3#

  • Speed up metrics manger class in order to reduce frame-rate dropping problem. (pull request)
  • Fix problem in warping NPCs spawned in world coordinate. (pull request)
  • End of support for ROS 2 Foxy and Autoware.Auto (pull request).
  • Fix problem in ideal steer acc geared dynamics model. Vehicle was pulled back very slowly even if the vehicle is stopped. (pull request)
  • Fix problem in getFrontEntityName function, consider yaw difference while stopping at crossing entity. (pull request)
  • Fix problem in delay steer acc geared dynamics model. Vehicle was pulled back very slowly even if the vehicle is stopped. (pull request)
  • Start considering offset in collision detection in crossing entity. (pull request)
  • Fix waypoint height, the height of each waypoint was zero. (pull request)

Version 0.6.2#

  • Start supporting linear trajectory shape while changing lane. (pull request)
  • Fix context panel to display simulation time. (Contribution by Utaro-M).
  • Support new vehicle_model_type DELAY_STEER_VEL (pull request).
  • Add lateral velocity and time constraint. (pull request).
  • Update syntax SpeedAction to use API::requestSpeedChange (pull request).
  • Enable control multiple traffic lights by relation ID from lanelet2 map. (pull request).
  • Start supporting requestSpeedChange API in pedestrian. (pull request).
  • Update syntax LaneChangeAction to use API::requestLaneChange (pull request).
  • Fix logic in calculating lane change trajectory shape. (pull request).

Version 0.6.1#

  • Add API::requestSpeedChange function. (link)
  • Fix syntax Controller to not to overwrite traffic_simulator's DriverModel (pull request).
  • Update simulation models (pull request).
  • Enable request relative speed change. (link)

Version 0.6.0#

  • Start supporting Autoware.Universe. (link)

Version 0.5.8#

  • Remove newton methods in getSValue function. (link)
  • Set withLaneChange parameter as false. (link)
  • Change traffic light topic name to "/perception/traffic_light_recognition/traffic_light_states" (link)
  • Remove hard coded parameters in behavior tree plugin and use acceleration and deceleration value in traffic_simulator_msgs/msg/DriverModel. (link)
  • Enable build with foxy latest version of behavior_tree_cpp_v3. (link)
  • Add API::getDriverModel function. (link)
  • Add Random test runner. Link (Contribution by
  • Support new Autoware architecture Universe (pull request).

Version 0.5.7#

  • Fix problem in getNormalVector function. (Contribution by Utaro-M).

Version 0.5.6#

  • Fix context panel to display conditions' status. (Contribution by Utaro-M).
  • Add NPC Behavior Plugin and Behavior-Tree Plugin for Vehicle and Pedestrian. (link)
  • Rename package openscenario_msgs to traffic_simulator_msgs
  • Start supporting galactic environment with Docker. (link)
  • Update UserDefinedValueCondition to subscribe ROS 2 topic if path-like name given (pull request).
  • Add new package openscenario_msgs (pull request).
  • Add getNearbyLaneletIds and filterLaneletIds function in HdMapUtils class. (pull request)
  • Fix calculating way of longitudinal distance. If forward distance and backward distance was calculated, choose smaller one. (pull request)

Version 0.5.5#

  • Fix syntax ReachPositionCondition to not to use API::reachPosition (pull request).

Version 0.5.4#

  • Revert PR #544 (link)
  • Add context panel to display conditions' status. (Contribution by Utaro-M).
  • Add TIER IV extension conditionEdge="sticky" to OpenSCENARIO-1.1.xsd (pull request).
  • Add new Controller's Property maxSpeed to set explicitly upper bound speed to Autoware (pull request).

Version 0.5.3#

  • Fix setStatus function in EgoEntity class. (link)

Version 0.5.2#

  • Remove entity status which is empty. (link).
  • Update syntaxes of openscenario_interpreter to be compiled separately (link).

Version 0.5.1#

  • Support OpenSCENARIO 1.1 AddEntityAction (link).
  • Add StandStillMetric. Link
  • Add CollisionMetric. Link
  • Support OpenSCENARIO 1.1 RelativeDistanceCondition (link).
  • Fixed Action to not cause side effects during startTransition (link).
  • Fixed log directory cleaning behavior, cleaning all files and directories under log directory without deleting itself. (link).
  • Support new CustomCommandAction type FaultInjectionAction for ArchitectureProposal (link)
  • Enable run cpp_mock_test with colcon test (with -DWITH_INTEGRATION_TEST=ON) (link)
  • Support OpenSCENARIO 1.1 DistanceCondition (link).
  • Fix problems in getLongitudinalDistance function when the target entity does not match to the lane. (link).

Version 0.5.0#

  • Add arrow markers to visualize goal poses of entities. (Contribution by Utaro-M).
  • Fix problems in setting entity names in proto message. Link (Contribution by
  • Fix problems in never hit line. Link (Contribution by
  • Start support getting longitudinal distance to the behind entity in API::getLongitudinalDistance function. Link
  • Fix problems in update/getPhaseDuration function in traffic light class. Link
  • Update dependency for message types of Autoware to reference AutowareArchitectureProposal_msgs instead of AutowareArchitectureProposal.iv.
  • Add to the AutowareArchitectureProposal_api_msgs to the .repos file. Link
  • Fix rotation calculation in toMapPose function. Link
  • Simplify logics in bool API::spawn(const bool is_ego, const std::string & name, const openscenario_msgs::msg::VehicleParameters & params) Link (Contribution by
  • Fix lane coordinate calculation logic for pedestrian in walk straight action. Link

Version 0.4.5#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Add move_backward scenario. Link
  • Fix problems in CppScenarioNode::start() function, onInitialize() function was called before starting simulation (Contribution by
  • Fix problems in initializing current_time value in entity manager class (Contribution by
  • Supports the option (--architecture-type) to select between AutowareArchitectureProposal and Autoware.Auto (Contribution by
  • Fix problems in HdMap::toMapPose function, offset distance was calculated from tangent vector. Link
  • Support new options initialize_duration:=<int>, launch_autoware:=<boolean> and record:=<boolean>.

Version 0.4.4#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Add a new metrics module which detects vel, acc and jerk out of range (Contribution by kyabe2718).
  • Fix phase control feature in traffic light manager class. Link
  • Fix problems in crossing entity on crosswalk. link

Version 0.4.3#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Checking collision between crosswalk and waypoints in lane coordinate.
  • Remove division in checking collision function in order to avoid zero-division.
  • Enables vehicle entity yield to merging entity. See also this video.
  • Simplify the contents of the scenario test result file result.junit.xml.

Version 0.4.2#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Fix problems in coordinate conversion from world to lane in pedestrian entity.
  • Adding include_crosswalk option to the HdMapUtils::getClosestLaneletId() and HdMapUtils::toLaneletPose()

Version 0.4.1#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Fix problem in follow front entity action, velocity planner was ignored requested target speed.

Version 0.4.0#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Support OpenSCENARIO 1.0 TrafficSignal features (RoadNetwork.TrafficSignalController, Action and Condition).
  • Update AcquirePositionAction to support WorldPosition as destination.
  • Update syntax 'RoadNetwork.LogicFile' to allow user to specify the directory that contains lanelet2_map.osm.
  • Check boost::none in TargetSpeedPlanner class.
  • Add ROS 2 galactic support.
  • Update EgoEntity to publish self-position as PoseWithCovarianceStamped.

Version 0.3.0#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Enable spawn MiscObjectEntity by using API class.
  • Integrate with AutowareAuto (Autoware type is chosen at build time using AUTOWARE_ARCHITECTURE_PROPOSAL or AUTOWARE_AUTO flag). (Contribution by
  • Update WorldPosition to be convertible with openscenario_msgs::msg::LaneletPose.
  • Fix problems when the whole route is empty in route planner class.
  • Support OpenSCENARIO 1.0 MiscObject.

Version 0.2.0#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Enhance /simulation/context topic information. (adding TriggeringEntitiesRule, TriggeringEntities, CollisionCondition, TimeHeadwayCondition, AccelerationCondition, StandStillCondition, SpeedCondition, ReachPositionCondition, DistanceCondition, RelativeDistanceCondition, ParameterCondition, StoryboardElementStateCondition).
  • NPC becomes unable to change lanes behind of them.

Version 0.1.1#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Add support for RelativeTargetSpeed, the syntax of OpenSCENARIO.
  • Add feature to publish context information during scenario execution to topic /simulation/context as a JSON string.
  • Enable send warnings semantic error when you call setEntityStatus or setTargetSpeed function which targets to the ego vehicle after starting scenario.

Version 0.1.0#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Synchronize ROS time between traffic_simulator and sensor_simulator.
  • openscenario_interpreter now stores recorded rosbags for each simulation in output_directory (argument of scenario_test_runner).
  • Add AutowareError, SemanticError, SimulationError, SpecificationViolation, SyntaxError and use these errors in traffic_simulator and openscenario_interpreter package.
  • Remove old errors in traffic_simulator packages.
  • Change Header ID of the lidar/detection sensor. (before : name of the entity -> after : base_link)
  • Fix problems in publishing detection result. Before this change, the value of the pose was always (x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw) = (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0).
  • Remove unused packages (joy_to_vehicle_cmd, scenario_runner_mock).
  • Fix problems when simulator running in 30 FPS and with 10 FPS sensors.
  • Enable caching routing result, and center points and it' spline, lanelet length in hdmap_utils class.
  • Update interpreter to access TrafficSignals from Action / Condition.
  • Update EgoEntity to use precise simulation model parameters.
  • Add getVehicleCommand function to the API class.

Version 0.0.1#

  • Release Page on GitHub
  • Partially support OpenSCENARIO 1.0.0 format.
  • Support TIER IV Scenario Format v2.