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Chain latency#

Chain latency shows a breakdown of path latency. As explained in configuration, path latency is sum of elapse time in inter-node data paths and that in intra-node data paths. Chain latency shows how time is cost in inter-node data path and intra-node data path respectively.

from caret_analyze.plot import chain_latency
from caret_analyze import Application, Architecture, Lttng
from bokeh.plotting import output_notebook, figure, show

arch = Architecture('yaml', '/path/to/architecture_file')
lttng = Lttng('/path/to/trace_data')
app = Application(arch, lttng)
path = app.get_path('target_path')

chain_latency(path, granularity='node', lstrip_s=1, rstrip_s=1)


  • granularity
    • Change the granularity of visualization in ['raw', 'node']
  • lstrip_s and rstrip_s
    • Extract the focusing points by removing unnecessary data
    • lstrip_s means that the data for 1 second from trace start is removed.
    • rstrip_s means that the data for 1 second from trace end is removed.