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Build with CARET#

Build a target application with CARET#

A target application should be built with CARET/rclcpp to record trace data. If you have already built the application without CARET/rclcpp, you have to build the application with CARET/rclcpp again.

For building the application with CARET/rclcpp, CARET's local_setup.bash should be applied along with ROS 2's setup.bash as shown below. Also, -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF should be given to build option.

cd <path-to-workspace>

source /opt/ros/humble/setup.bash
source ~/ros2_caret_ws/install/local_setup.bash  # please keep the order after ROS 2's setup.bash

colcon build --symlink-install --cmake-args -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF

Reason for building a target application with CARET/rclcpp

CARET/rclcpp is a fork of ROS 2-based rclcpp which has some additional tracepoints defined by CARET. Some tracepoints must be added to template implementation, which is referred by rclcpp header files, for CARET to record a target application. In order to apply rclcpp which has the additional tracepoints, the application have to be built with CARET/rclcpp again. Therefore, CARET cannot trace the application provided by Ubuntu's aptitude such as demo_nodes_cpp. If you want to trace such pre-build packages, please build them again from source code.

Reason for giving -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF

To use CARET, you need to use forked shared libraries and headers such as CARET/rclcpp. In the test codes, CARET/rclcpp is not available due to loading priority issues for headers. Depending on the version of CARET, conflicts may occur between the shared libraries of ros-rclcpp and the headers of CARET/rclcpp, resulting in compile errors. Therefore, test codes have to be excluded from building.

Check whether CARET/rclcpp is applied to each package#

You can check whether a target application is successfully built with CARET/rclcpp using ros2 caret check_caret_rclcpp command.

ros2 caret check_caret_rclcpp --workspace <path-to-workspace>
Output Message Description
All packages are built using caret-rclcpp There is no problem
The following packages have not been built using caret-rclcpp CARET/rclcpp is not applied to the listed packages
(Please read the next section to fix it)

How to fix#

In case CARET/rclcpp is not applied to the package you want to analyze, you need to fix it. The followings show possible causes and solutions.

  • Case 1: All packages are listed as CARET/rclcpp is not applied
    • Make sure you applied CARET's local_setup.bash after ROS2's setup.bash (keep the order)
  • Case 2: Some, but not all, packages are listed as CARET/rclcpp is not applied
    • Make sure you have the following line in package.xml in the listed package
      • <depend>rclcpp</depend>


The listed packages are not traced while other packages built with CARET/rclcpp are properly traced. Therefore, you can ignore this message if you don't need to trace/analyze the listed packages.